WhupWhup Café


Once a factory churning out industrial yarn seals for more than three decades, the 10,000sq ft place in Subang is now WhupWhup, the spiffy restaurant-cum-event venue with a spiffier name.

Finding WhupWhup is a little tricky; it’s tucked away at the end of an industrial street and Waze brought us to the back of the restaurant. A quick drive and you’ll be brought to the front (look out for the signboard) where free but limited parking is available. On busy days, you might have to dash out from the restaurant to move your car for others to exit.
Step inside and you’ll see the interior has many pretty corners; there’s a phonograph and a potted plant plopped on a table, two rather barren-but-pleasing-to-the-eye trees, a grand piano belonging to the chef and a retail space at the back peddling artsy goods like jewellery and painted canvases. Little touches such as the ‘Safety First’ and ‘No Smoking’ signs shed light on the premises' previous stint as a factory.
Pretty interior aside, the menu spans French-inspired tastes that include dishes such as fresh scallops with salted egg yolk puree and shaved parmesan, and the Duck 3 Ways: spaghetti or fettuccine with duck breast, duck bacon bits and salted duck egg yolk. Also available are sandwiches, pasta, appetisers, all-day breakfasts and house-made desserts, tacked with witty names such as the ‘Salmon Hayek’ and ‘The Cowpenters’. Coffee gets the droll treatment too: a cup of flat white is ‘The Brains’ and a long black is ‘The Dark Night’.
Since it’s no dinky café, WhupWhup can host large events such as weddings, launches, screenings, exhibitions and more. Smaller private areas are also available for more intimate functions. Remember that retail space at the back? If you want to showcase or sell your creative work at WhupWhup, contact them to make arrangements.


Tel : 03 5612 6250
Opening hours :
Thu-Mon, 11am-10pm


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