23 Modern Gazebo And Pergola Design Ideas You’ll Love

Gazebos and pergolas, which are one of the types of gazebos but more opened ones, are often built in private and public outdoor spaces to decorate, have a rest and have guests and parties, of course! Yesterday we shared poolside gazebos, and today i’d like to spoil you with gorgeous modern eye-candies that are to decorate any backyard and garden because they are stunning!

If we speak about pergolas, they are often built using one of the walls of the house to make it easier and to keep them more private. Gazebos are built independently, somewhere in the backyard or garden, or, as I said before, next to the pool.

pergola built to the back of the house with a fabric ceiling cover

modern wood pergola built to one of the house's walls with a living room

pergola outdoor kitchen at the back of the house decorated with laser-cut screens

fully fabric covered garden gazebo with an outdoor living room

luxurious white cabana with flowing curtains on every side and a cozy and inviting white sectional decorated with alternating white and turquoise throws

An important point about gazebos and pergolas is that you should have some sun protection because this is their main function. The walls and ceilings are usually designed as sunscreens or shutters themselves, this is a very functional idea. The most popular addition here is curtains or draperies including a covered ceiling that can protect from rain in case it happens. Curtains are easy to wash and change if you don’t like them anymore. Climbing plants are good in case they grow well but they won’t give you that much protection. Laset-cut screens are a super modern hot solution that can completely change the look of your pergola, order them and attach as ceilings and walls, you’ll never regret it!

all-white gazebo with suscreens and curtains on one side

modern bold pergola with laser cut metal screens to protect from the sun

wooden gazebo covered with light draperies

versatile pergola to grow plants on or drape curtains through it

sunscreened gazebo with a dining space with a high level of privacy

outdoor lounge with a canopy and curtains

bold yellow pergola with walls and a ceiling suncreens

modern pergola with woven furniture and walls and ceilings as sunscreens

pergola dining area with draperies and lights hanging from above

Gazebos and pergolas can fulfill different functions: they can be your outdoor living rooms, kitchens and dining spaces, bedrooms, cinemas and lounge areas. Depending on the space you have and your wishes, decorate your outdoor place as you want using proper furniture sets: dining, living ones or kitchen appliances. Of course, there’s nothing better than having outdoor parties and meals with your friends in a gazebo or pergola, just string some lights through the ceiling and walls and enjoy!

modern outdoor living room under a pergola

entire outdoor lounging area under a nice shady hardtop

geometric iron pergola with a dining space

modern gazebo with a fireplace and firewood stored

rustic gazebo with a gabled roof and a living and dining space under it

wooden pergola with a dining space

wooden eco gazebo cube for having meals outdoors

simple backyard gazebo with a grill and a dining area

minimalist gazebo of wood and metal with orange furniture

Source : www.shelterness.com


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