15 Chic Rain Glass Home Décor Ideas

Rain glass is that cool kind of glass, the texture of which reminds of the rain, and which is sheer yet not transparent. It can look cool and eye-catchy in your home if you know how to use it right, so today I’d like to inspire you with some cool ideas.


Rain glass is loved so much not only for an unique look but also for being opaque, which means that you’ll automatically will get some privacy. Such functions are essential in bathrooms, especially big ones in case you want privacy while taking a shower or a bath. Make rain glass doors or sliding panels or the color that you like and you’ll have it. Besides, glass, even rain glass, is transparent to some extent and won’t make your bathroom look smaller.

Green rain glass in the shower creates that spa feeling

Opaque rain glass shower doors for some privacy

White rain glass looks modern yet keeps your privacy

Rounded rain glass shower doors for a chic look

Chic blue rian shower glass

Frameless rain glass shower panel to create privacy when needed


Whether these are front doors or just usual interior ones, you can always make them with rain glass because this is the best way to keep privacy yet get enough light inside. Besides, such doors inside your home will separate the zones better than usual glass. Highlight your bathroom area with a cool green or blue rain glass door!

Double doors at the front entrance with rain glass to keep some privacy

Sliding barn wood doors with rain glass to separate the spaces better

Sliding rain glass door to the bathroom

Green rain glass bathroom door to highlight the space

Front door with many rain glass panes

Cabinet Doors

Rain glass on cabinet doors will make them more refined and this idea is often used for cupboards or other dish cabinets. Another great way to use rain glass in the kitchen is rocking rain glass pantry doors, just make lighting inside and you’ll get a cool display!

Stunning lit up rain glass cabinets for dinnerware

Pantry rain glass doors with light inside is a great idea

Stained wood kitchen cabinets with rain glass doors and glass shelves

A wooden cabinet with rain glass doors to hide what's inside

Source : shelterness


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